Tribute to Michel Bard

That's my tribute to Michel Bard, a renowned and talentuous local (I'm from Geneva, Switzerland) musician dead suddenly at 69 years old the 9th of August 2010. He was really a fantastic, passionated and talentuous clarinettist.

Look at the videos below the photo, he was playing 2 days ago with his usual talent and strenght.

Hope you will meet Sydney Bechet where you are now


Photo taken at the Contretemps (Association des Musiciens de Jazz Genevois) , Geneva, Switzerland. October 2004


Bridget said...

C'est vraiment grand qu'il a joue jusqu'au jour ou il est mort (grande musique). Interesting angle (with the light behind him, it makes the photo seem partly coloured). Une autre photo etonnante, JC!

bijinga said...

Magnífico Tributo para un excelente músico....


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