Happy Birthday to Sonny Rollins, 80 today !

The US saxophonist Sonny Rollins who turns 80 years old today  at the Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland . May 2006

Take a look please to the 2010 official calendar I made for him : http://juancarloshernandezjazzphotographer.blogspot.com/2009/06/sonny-rollins.html


Bridget said...

Photo spectaculaire JC! La photo interessante a tire par derriere. J'aime toute les musique.
I guess this is where Kenny G got some of his playing style from.

Jazz Man said...

I like the calendar that you created. It has some very nice pictures. Sollin Rollins was a great musician and innovator.

Unknown said...

Viendo las notas salir de su saxo, tremendo!!!

bijinga said...

Sin palabras...


hypolite sali said...

ah, vidéo numéro deux, dans l'intro, Rollins est le boxeur du swing, destructeur masseterien du saxo!!!

Unknown said...

thanks to everyone for your comments and support !

@jazzman ... Sonny Rollins is not dead !! well alive ;-)

@bridget .. not sure that Kenny G is similar with Sonny Rollins .. not sure at all sorry

@vincent gracias amigo !

@bijinga por una vez estas sin palabras ! siempre bienvenidas tus palabras .. cuales sean

@hypolite tes commentaires. .toujorus bienvenus .. merci !

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