Jean-Jacques Pedretti

The Swiss trombonist Jean-Jacques Pedretti at the AMR Jazz Festival, Alhambra, Geneva, Switzerland. March 2010


bijinga said...

De entre la oscuridad,
un eco sonoro tatuado en el aire
se pierde en silencio...


fredr1c said...

Another beautiful shot, this time of a musician in thoughtful repose, perhaps between songs or sets.

I don't know if you meant to do this but the microphones and the cymbal are all pointing towards Jean-Jacques Pedretti at the center. That's a wonderful effect. It's as if they're all looking to him in anticipation of the music beginning anew.

Pete said...

Jean Jack in AMR 05.2009

Unknown said...

thanks so much for your wonderful comment Bijinga and Fredr1c

Pete .. thanks for this excellent video.. i have integrated it to the post

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