Honoured to be mentioned in the Huffington Post in an article about Herman Leonard

Hi Folks !

Today, the journalist Cicily JANUS wrote an article for the prestigious US online newspaper Huffington Post about the death of the Master Jazz photographer Herman LEONARD (I wrote myself an article about him 2 days ago http://juancarloshernandezjazzphotographer.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-principal-influence-in-jazz.html )

At the end of her article she wrote :

"This death is yet another reason why we, as a "newer" and more responsible generation of Americans, should embrace not only our history but also our present day stories and pictures. 
We should embrace the current greats like Ned Radinsky, Michal Garcia, Adriana Mateo, Frank Stewart and Juan Carlos Hernandez while we still can. They need encouragement to use their art to propel this generation of musicians into the spotlight. This surely isn't a bad thing. They've got the energy to see it through ... they're all young and coming up on the scene but their eyes, whether solo or as a collection, tell a vastly different story of how music is being lived out in today's moments. 
As to Mr. Leonard, I can only say that you were the sole artist responsible for bringing the jazz world out of the dark and into the light. I am not the only one who noticed, studied and wished for your amazing ability to grace the rest of our days. I can only hope that wherever you are, you are resting in peace and sitting amongst the greats, capturing their moments today"

This is now 6 years I'm documenting Jazz music and trying to promote this wonderful music the best as I can.

I hope to keep the line for long years ! .

Thanks for your attention




Bridget said...

Félicitations, JC. Le bon travail!!

jean-luc said...

promotion promotion..... ce n'en est que mérité!

Unknown said...

Merci Bridget !

Jean-Luc .. oui.. merci. il est évident que beaucoup d'autres pourraient être cités .. je pourrais donner une liste mais je ne le ferai pas car j'oublierai du monde

en tous cas. j'en profite pour te remercier pour tous tes commentaires sur mes récents posts

Bridget said...

De rien, c'est mon plaisir

Anonymous said...

si el mundo puede ver atravez de un alma talentosa...entonces momentos inolvidables guardaran inmortalidad en cada click, llenando un paraiso de color y figura, donde se congela el tiempo y la pasion de la vida se hace eterna, al vibrar sobre la tenue y brillante magia de tu lente..
Un abrazo deseando siempre mucho exito.
con cariño Valery (Mystic_mx)

Unknown said...

muchas gracias Valery ! un abrazo grande ;-)

bijinga said...

..."De la oscuridad a la luz"...
y aquí queda su entrañable mundo...

El testigo, que tan maravillosamente se refleja en tu excelente trabajo...

Felicidades ampliadas a todos tus colegas...


Lorena said...

Mil Felicidades! To me you are the greatest. :)

Daniel Stoica said...


Thank You for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lorena, Bridget, MJ and Daniel ;-)

Don't forget to visit my other blog "Juan Carlos Hernandez - Life Photographer"

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