The wonderful #jazz pianist Jessica Williams needs help because of #health problems #fundraising #art

Hi there,

Do you know Jessica Williams ? For me, she's one of the finest pianist I ever know. Read her bio here
She's now 64 years old and will go soon under a complex spinal surgery..
She offered and created wonderful music during so many years and now she needs us, she needs our HELP and SOLIDARITY..
This request for donations is to cover life expenses during the recovery period. AFTER surgery, she won't be able to play or perform for a period of 3 monthes to 1 year.Please, read her detailed call on her website and give to her whatever you can by paypal or by check and money orders to her adress :

Jessica Williams
PO Box 2391
Olympia, WA 98507

Finally, if you want, you can order one print of any of my photographs. Until the 17th of August 2012, the total benefits will be donated to Jessica.   You will find more details about prices and delivery by clicking   here.
You can also buy her directly one of her stunning cd's here
Thanks for your solidarity

Juan Carlos
Jessica Williams 01

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