Gaëtan Roussel

The French singer and guitarist Gaëtan Roussel at the Festival "Voix de Fête", Palladium, Geneva, Switzerland. March 2011


Bridget said...

Really expressive & creative black & white photo, JC! Sa musique est si pleine de la melodie avec un bruit interessant.
Very informative; merci pour le partage!

RV said...

You should post more on Twitter. I think you're too quiet.
Come on, don't be shy, you can post more than this.

Unknown said...

thanks Gail !

RV .. i do my best !! than you !

RV said...

Thanks Juan-Carlos,
You should hire an assistant to tweet when you sleep. Sometimes, my timeline doesn't show any of your tweets, and I wonder if you are OK.

Unknown said...

@RV thanks for worrying about me ! i'm just busy but .. "RV" .. who are you on twitter ?? if you want to stay anonymous, answer me on my email adress jchernandez@jch-photo.com

Unknown said...

Salut Juan Carlos
Je suis passé et j'ai bien aimé
celui-ci (Dis-moi).

Ta photo est superbe...

Don't forget to visit my other blog "Juan Carlos Hernandez - Life Photographer"

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