Portrait of Ken Vandermark which gave me in 2004 the photography bug


All it's on the title. I was a pure beginner and I take this photo I don't know how. To have luck is important too in photography. I still love this photograph ;-) Furthermore, this is a photo of a musician I truly admire.

US saxophonist Ken Vandermark at the AMR, Sud des Alpes , Geneva, Switzerland the 11th of March 2004


fredr1c said...

I don't really believe in "luck" or "coincidence," Juan-Carlos. :) You were meant to see the essence of your gift at that moment, and all of us who love your work are grateful you took that photograph and decided to follow that path.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Fred !! I still think it was luck ;-) luck of beginners ;-) I will follow .. PROMISED !

ruma said...

Awe inspiring your works!!


Saga, Japan.



Unknown said...

Thanks Ruma ! honoured and plesed by your words ;-)

Bridget said...

You need both JC! luck and talent to be a success in any type of profession et je crois que vous avez tous les deux. Cette photo est tres artistique -> photographe suisse -> un grand morceau d'art. Vandermark plays beautiful music!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your nice words Bridget ;-)

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