Season Greetings, Best for 2011 (photo of Michael Lewis)

The US saxophonist Michael Lewis (member of the Fat Kid Wednesdays) at the Sud des Alpes, AMR, Geneva, Switzerland. November 2010


Bridget said...

It seems to be 2 different photos superimposed on each other (not entirely sure(one on the inside and the other photo on the outside of Sud des Alpes); tres artistique, JC! Wow, ecoutent lui le jeu le saxophone!
Season's Greetings to you aussi!!

Unknown said...

hello Bridget,

thanks. It is not a collage but a real photography. It's the reflection of a musician on a window. Happy Christmas

Bridget said...

Oh, now I see the reflecion but jc, I knew it was not a collage though:)Happy Holidays!!

Fátima said...

Aprovecho para desearte un Feliz Año Nuevo ;)

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