RIP James Moody ( 3/25/25 - 12/9/10 )

Hi there,

I just be informed about the death of the US saxophonist, flutist and vocalist James Moody because of a pancreatic cancer.

My condolences to Ms Moody and Moody's family.

I photographied him in Geneva backstage and during a concert with the Dizzie Gillespie All Stars in May 2007, Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland. He had this day a master performance and i will remember all my life his vocal duet with Roberta Gambarini. You can watch my testimony of this duo here http://juancarloshernandezjazzphotographer.blogspot.com/2009/06/roberta-gambarini-and-james-moody.html

My tribute to this Grand Monsieur du Jazz. Monsieur Moody vous êtes de ceux qui avez apportés joie et classe à ce bas monde.

Merci !

Juan Carlos Hernandez

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