RIP James Moody ( 3/25/25 - 12/9/10 )

Hi there,

I just be informed about the death of the US saxophonist, flutist and vocalist James Moody because of a pancreatic cancer.

My condolences to Ms Moody and Moody's family.

I photographied him in Geneva backstage and during a concert with the Dizzie Gillespie All Stars in May 2007, Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland. He had this day a master performance and i will remember all my life his vocal duet with Roberta Gambarini. You can watch my testimony of this duo here http://juancarloshernandezjazzphotographer.blogspot.com/2009/06/roberta-gambarini-and-james-moody.html

My tribute to this Grand Monsieur du Jazz. Monsieur Moody vous êtes de ceux qui avez apportés joie et classe à ce bas monde.

Merci !

Juan Carlos Hernandez


Bridget said...

My condelences to his family and the jazz community. I know that your jazz community is really feeling the loss. I am sorry to hear. Il est bon que vous ayez pu prendre de telles photos magnifiques de lui avant qu'il soit mort.

Shasça said...

Wonderfull music!
[ ]'s

anodyne2art said...

We share with you a great sadness at this loss. Your photographs of him are wonderful as is your memorial page here. Thank you so much JC!

anodyne2art said...

We share the great sadness at this loss with you. Thank you for your wonderful photographs of him and this fantastic blog entry.

Hugo Venturini said...

A great musician! And a great photographer!

Don't forget to visit my other blog "Juan Carlos Hernandez - Life Photographer"

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