Estelas de Jazz : 11 photographs + 2 texts on Tomajazz.com

Hi folks ;-)

The best and classy hispanic jazz website www.tomajazz.com offered me a space and clicking here you will be able to see 11 photographs in large format accompanied by 2 texts from my book "Estelas de Jazz" launched recently.

Thanks to José Francisco Tapiz for giving me this nice opportunity.

I remind you that the book, co written with the spanish author Belen Carmona Moreno, is available on

Amazon.com  : http://amzn.to/9yftDJ
Barnes & Noble : http://bit.ly/aRDfeA
Amazon UK : http://amzn.to/bMRxNM
Amazon Japan : http://amzn.to/a0GK5g
Amazon France : http://amzn.to/9lhV9B
Amazon Germany http://amzn.to/90SAFw

If you purchase the book, I thank you warmfully and I invite you to let me your impressions droping me an email ( jchernandez@jch-photo.com). For sure, it would be great too if you let a comment on Amazon too ,-)

Thanks and kind regards !


A video with all the photographs included on the book


Armando said...

¡Genial, Juan Carlos¡. El mejor video de fotografía del Jazz que he visto. Felicitaciones.


Anonymous said...

Un déluge qui se nomme "bonheur" !

Don't forget to visit my other blog "Juan Carlos Hernandez - Life Photographer"

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