Collaboration with Soon Kim for his Berlin concert the 19th of December

Hi Folks,

I'm glad to fly to Berlin the 19th of December in order to cover the concert of the Korean, based in Berlin, alto saxophonist Soon Kim with his quartet ( Soon Kim on alto sax, Akira Ando on double bass, Roberto Badoglio on electric bass
Nico Lipps on drums )

The concert will be at the Grüner Salon (in der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin ) the 19th of December at 19 h and I hope I will honoure his great music with great shots. I'm not the only one thinking Soon Kim plays great music. The Master of Jazz said about him that "he sounds very natural".

I met Soon first thanks to Myspace and then, live in New York in January 2007. I took the photograph below during a very special rehersal with a bassist.

It's thanks to Soon Kim,  I had 12 days later, the 26th of January 2007 a photo shooting with Ornette Coleman (read the story clicking here ) and Ornette used my work for his main page website during 2 years and overall for promoting his 2007 Pulitzer Prize of Music.


Bridget said...

I like the blurred effect and the angle of this black & white photo; photo magnifique, JC!
Really great music & merci pour le partage.

Anonymous said...

Merci d'avoir un blog interessant

bijinga said...

Cuando la intención es clara,
precisar exaltando lo natural
en inverosímil y complicado riesgo...



Unknown said...

thanks !

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