Steve Swell (+ Gebhard Ullmann, Barry Altschul & Hilliard Greene)

Hi Folks !

I have recently attributed 11 photographs of a concert done by the Ullmann Swell Quartet played at the Sud des Alpes, AMR, Geneva, Switzerland, the 09.18.2010 to an US website dedicated to reviews of live performances : http://www.scout66.com/ managed by Janet Hansen ( @scout66com on Twitter)

You can watch, apart the photograph of the US trombonist Steve Swell you will find below the other 10 images clicking here : http://www.scout66.com/ullmann-swell-quartet-at-association-pour-lencouragement-de-la-musique-improvisees-amr/


Bridget said...

Expressive & animated black and white photo, JC! You captured the best shot of the artist playing the his instrument. La musique est differente!

Unknown said...

Tocando con el alma...
buenisima la foto.

Anonymous said...

Une puissance incroyable, on attend réellement une déferlante sonore...les vidéos et surtout la troisième n'en est pas un démenti.

Claudia said...

i love this black/white pic - you can see and FEEL every single emotion of the moment - beautiful

bijinga said...

Fantásticas todas...!!

Abrir la ventana y recibir...
Explosivos impactos,
de estremecedora fuerza vital...!!

Hechizo delirante...!!

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