Jazz cover of "Crazy Love" (Van Morrison) interpreted by Andrea Wolper + my photographs


I realized this short clip inspired by a lovely jazz cover of my favourite slow, "Crazy Love" composed by my beloved Van Morrison.

I choosed for this romantic clip some of my photographs which are included on my other blog "Juan Carlos Hernandez - Life Photographer". Do you know it ? Have a visit please ! ;-)

The US jazz singer Andrea Wolper interprets wonderfully this classic.

You can find this song on her cd "The Small Hours" released on 2005 and available on Amazon

The other musicians playing on this gorgeous cover are

Ron Affif (gt)
Ken Filiano (bs)

Enjoy ;-)

Juan Carlos


bijinga said...

Excelente paisaje
en un guiño
absolutamente seductor....


Bridget said...

Vous avez choisi toutes les photos droites pour aller avec la chanson. J'aime tous. Very well done, JC! Brillant.

Unknown said...

El amor esta a la vuelta de la esquina...
hermosas fotos y que gran cover...

Sofia said...

Nice SlideShow :-)

Don't forget to visit my other blog "Juan Carlos Hernandez - Life Photographer"

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