CD Cover "In A New Mood - A Tribute to Oscar Brown Jr" for Jazz singer Christine Flowers


I share with you today the result of a wonderful photo session I had in July 2008 in Paris, Montmartre between 2 and 4 AM on a hot summer night with the US Jazz vocalist Christine Flowers and his bassist from US too Peter Giron.

The CD is called "In A New Mood - A Tribute to Oscar Brown Jr"

If you don't know Oscar Brown Jr, watch and listen the last video please.

Enjoy and keep swingin' ;-)

Juan Carlos


bijinga said...


Magnífico homenaje...!!

Atmósfera magnética y sensual...!!

Excelente proyecto...!!


Bridget said...

Photo de couverture CD sensationnelle et magnifique, JC ! Her rendition of the song is extraordinarily good!
Je suis impressionne par cette photo.

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