Patrice Moret

The Swiss bassist Patrice Moret at the Sud des Alpes, AMR, Geneva, Switzerland. February 2010


bijinga said...

Tocar inflamando el segundo


girar al encuentro de dos

sencillez y estilo...


Tammy said...

... touching. I especially like the lighting on his face.

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Bridget said...

Please replace with this new comment (typing errors in the previous one).

Intense, profound and captivating photo. I like the fact that it is in black and white (un autre chef d'oeuvre, JC!).
The "Rupple Rain" video was good music with such colourful animation (I liked this one).

fredr1c said...

The bass strings stand out from the background, point up to the heavens and you've given them enough room up above to show there are no limits for brilliantly creative musicians like Patrice Moret. He will not be constrained, and yet your photo captures one beautiful moment of his flight.

Stratoz said...

enjoying the tunes.. wonderful photo.

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