Ratrabra, 4 female musicians pay tribute to Ornette Coleman

The band Ratrabra which plays only compos of Ornette Coleman at the AMR, Sud des Alpes, November 2008.

From left to right : Béatrice Graf on drums , Karoline Höfler on bass, Hilaria Kramer on trumpet and Co Streiff on alto saxophone.

"This quartet plays mainly compositions written by Ornette Coleman, respecting his sensitivity and his spirit within the autor wrote and interpreted his music. Co Streiff and Hilaria Kramer met in 1984 studiing together at the Jazz School St.Gallen(CH).1985 they made up their first “Ornette” Band 1989. Co, Hilaria, Helene LaBarriere and Marylin Mazur met the first time in the Vienna Art Orchestra Special Fe-Male Project. They have several ocasions to work together like: Donna in Jazz Rai 1, Anklang Bern, Pilgrim Locarno, Woma Jazz Salsomaggiore Terme etc. Since 2 Years the swiss drummer Beatrice Graf from Geneva replaced Marylin Mazur. She gives with her special drum set together wirth Karoline Hoefler ( playing together since 1990 ), the new Bass Player of the band, to this formation a groovy special touch." By Hilaria Kramer 

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