All that Jazz - interview with Juan-Carlos Hernandez, photographer

Hi folks !

I''m pleased to share with you a nice interview (in english) I give to Caroline Halliwell for her website Catalists.biz

If you want to know how I began the photography among other things, please clik on the link below


Hope you will enjoy it




Unknown said...

BE is Always ON/IN Time :-) ...


Do you plan to publish your book in other languages after the Spanish One !? ...

Unknown said...

thanks Sophie

yes .. books are project which takes a long time

i can say that i have projects for books in french and in english but nothing is 100% sure for now

anyway .. photography has no lenguage

this book will have 123 photos understandable by anyone ;-)

Unknown said...

Adjudicado ! :-)

See Mee said...

Bravo, très sympathique interview !

Irene said...

¡Gran entrevista! :D
Sorry to read about the breakup :(

Don't forget to visit my other blog "Juan Carlos Hernandez - Life Photographer"

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